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Thursday, 20 December 2012
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Sunday, 06 October 2013
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  • Wife/Widow Info
    Single Mother, Housekeeper
  • Children Info
    Josepth, 6
    Oslyn, 10
  • Home Number
  • Sponsoring Family
    Matt Branaman & Doug Harrold Families
Maria is a single mother who struggles to get by.  She is umemployed at times.  Once she had a job earning $1 per day cleaning her local school.  The family home was made of wood, lamina and plastic with a dirt floor.  It was cold and damp and not ideal for her or her 2 children.
They love their new house!  They are thankful for a fresh start and their lives have been changed.  They were even blessed to be able to meet one of the families that sponsored their home.  It was an honor for her to be able to personally thank the people that have helped them so much.