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Dennis & Vivian

Wednesday, 19 December 2012
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Friday, 04 October 2013
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  • Husband Info
    Dennis- Agricultor
  • Wife/Widow Info
    Vivian- Homemaker
  • Children Info
    Daniela Abigail Gomez Florenzana
  • Home Number
  • Sponsoring Family
    Employees of Fidelity National Financial
 Dennis and Vivian are a young couple.  Vivian is not from our village but came to live here with relatives when her parents were killed when she was a child.  She met Dennis and they have made a life together with their young daughter.  They lived in a small dirt floor shack constructed of metal sheeting, wood and anything Dennis could find.  He commented that he couldn't find enough cardboard to cover all of the open spaces where the cold air and rain would blow in.  
Dennis, Vivian and their daughter, Daniela Abigail, are now living in their new home.  During their Home Celebration, we also learned that this sweet family will be welcoming another member into their family in the next few months.  Vivian is happy to bring their new baby home to such a nice house.  What a blessing this home is for them!