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Maria & Tereso

Friday, 16 November 2012
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Wednesday, 09 October 2013
  • Husband Info
    Tereso- Agricultor
  • Wife/Widow Info
    Maria- Homemaker
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  • Sponsoring Family
    Doug & Regina Friend
Maria, Tereso, 2 grown sons and 1 grandson lived in a small Swiss relief house built around 1976.  It was literally crumbling and a dangerous living situation.  Inside it was damp and crowded.  Tereso works his land for food and had no means of building another house.  

This couple is just different and special.  They have sweet hearts and love their family.  At the key ceremony, there were LOTS of kids around.  When we asked Tereso how many grandchildren they had, he said “Twenty.”  Then he looked around and said “No, thirty.”  It was a funny moment.