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Brenda & Sergio

Thursday, 28 May 2015
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Tuesday, 29 December 2015
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  • Husband Info
    Sergio Mendez Torres, 37.
  • Wife/Widow Info
    Brenda Elizabeth Ramos Valdez de Mendez 41.
  • Children Info
    Jessica Mishel Mendez Ramos 13.
    Brayan Estuardo Mendez Ramos 11.
    Cristian Jose Mendez Ramos 8.
  • Home Number
  • Sponsoring Family
Brenda & Sergio's former home was made of pieces of drywall that was recovered from an older house that had collapsed into a nearby ravine.  In the rainy season the home was constantly wet inside and the dirt floor made for terrible living conditions. Sergio works odd jobs and Brenda works at a local private school so that her children can attend there and recieve a quality education.