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Ana lucresia

Tuesday, 09 June 2015
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Friday, 27 November 2015
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  • Wife/Widow Info
    Ana Lucresia Garcia Pereira 35.
  • Children Info
    Emerson Ronaldo Pereira Uselo 6.
    Anderson Ronaldo Pereira Uselo 6.
    Meliza Pereira Uselo 9.
    Maria de los Angeles Pereira Uselo 13.
  • Home Number
Ana lives with her two girls, twin boys, her mother and siblings in a small house. She and her children sleep on the floor on a thin foam mattress, one of the twins is often cough sick, because the ground  is so cold and the sponge does not is sufficient barrier.  Maria, the oldest child cares for her siblings while Ana works cleaning a house 3 times weekly in Guatemala City. Her salary is not enough to cover the cost of their basic living expenses.
She had faith in God, that he might touch hearts and open doors for her to have her own home someday, and now the family is very grateful to God and the donor that they no longer sleep on the floor and have a roof to protect them. They are very happy for the gift that God has given them!