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Alfredo and Blanca

Thursday, 05 November 2015
Last modified
Wednesday, 23 November 2016
  • Husband Info
    Alfredo Zunuc Hernandez 26.
  • Wife/Widow Info
    Blanca Odilia Aragon 24.
  • Children Info
    Gerberth Alexander Arebalo Aragon 8.
    Blanca Estrella Zunuc Aragon 4.
    Darlin Sofia Zunuc Aragon 1. 
  • Home Number
  • Sponsoring Family
This family lived in a modest home built by pieces of wood and lamina.  On the inside it was lined with cardboard, pieces of blanket and nylon and had a dirt floor. They suffered greatly in rainy weather because the lamina roof had so many holes, water would seep in and the floor was constantly damp and muddy.  With these conditions, the kids were always battling respiratory infections.  Alfredo only has a 3rd grade education so his work options are limited. He works as a security guard but only makes enough to get by, not improve their poor living conditions.  Blanca stays home to care for their children.  

Alfredo, Blanca and the kids are incredibly blessed by their new home. They’ve seen God’s love for them and are thankful.  The smile on their faces says it all!